QUIZ on New Entries in the Kojien (広辞苑) Japanese Dictionary, Sixth Edition, January, 2008
(Note: You may want to read this column before taking the quiz).

Quiz #1 Kanji Compounds/Kana-Kanji Combos

Match the following kanji compounds/kana-kanji combos with their English equivalents. One English meaning for each comprising kanji, as well as the pronunciation of the word, has been provided. Scroll down for answers.

1. 自己中 (self-oneself-center, jikochuu)
2. 午後一 (noon-after-first, gogoichi)
3. 顔文字 (face-letter-letter, kaomoji)
4. 準惑星 (quasi-wander-star, junwakusei)
5. サービス残業 (free-remain-work, saabisuzangyou)
6. 燃料電池車 (burn-material-electric-reservoir-car, nenryoudenchisha)
7. 逆切れ (reverse-snap, gyakugire)
8. 街金 (downtown-money, machikin)
9. レジ袋 (cash register-bag, rejibukuro)
10. メール友 (mail-friend, meerutomo)
11. 右肩下がり (right-shoulder-fall, migikatasagari)
12. いけ面 (look good-face, ikemen)
13. 中食 (inside-eat, nakashoku)

a. a decline (literally, a graph falling off to the right)
b. dwarf planet (Pluto, Ceres, etc.)
c. unpaid overtime
d. situation in which the scolded offender gets angry at the person who scolded him/her
e. first thing in the afternoon
f. a ready-made meal purchased in a shop and eaten at home
g. egocentricity
h. plastic shopping bag
i. emoticon
j. frequent email correspondent
k. handsome man
l. fuel-cell vehicle
m. loan shark


1. g
2. e
3. i
4. b
5. c
6. l
7. d
8. m
9. h
10. j
11. a
12. k
13. f

Quiz #2 Katakana Loanwords

Match the following katakana loanwords with their English equivalents. Scroll down for answers.

1. トートバッグ
2. ラブラブ
3. フリーペーパー
4. ネットサーフィン
5. パーワハラスメント
6. ベーグル
7. スイーツ
8. ハマス
9. ファイアーウォル
10. ヘッジファンド
11. グローバリゼーション
12. ビルゲイツ

a. Hamas
b. Bill Gates
c. tote bag
d. bagel
e. globalization
f. firewall
g. netsurfing
h. sweets (cake, candy, etc.)
i. power harassment
j. free paper (a free newspaper filled with ads)
k. love-love (reciprocal love)
l. hedge fund

1. c
2. k
3. j
4. g
5. i
6. d
7. h
8. a
9. f
10. l
11. e
12. b

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