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An online kanji translator that allows you to tackle Japanese Web pages. Enter the URL of the homepage you want to read, and Rikai will open it for you. Run your cursor over any kanji in the text, and its pronunciation, along with a definition in English, will appear. You can also paste-in text (such as e-mails from your Japanese friends) and Rikai will do the same kanji translation job.

The Furiganizer

Adds furigana to all the kanji in any Japanese text. ("Furigana" are little hiragana written above kanji to indicate pronunciation.). Remembers which kanji you have already mastered.

Jim Breen's Site (
Extensive online kanji dictionary, plus many other features. You can search for a character by entering its pronunciation, English keyword, or radical number; by cutting and pasting the kanji itself; or with the handy Multi-Radical Kanji look-up tool: Simply click on any of the radicals you happen to know within the desired kanji. You may also look up characters by writing them yourself with your cursor in an input window.

Gahoh Stroke Order Movies (
Watch each of the general-use kanji being written in correct stroke order.

Reading Tutor (

At this site you can read extensively--without constantly reaching for a kanji dictionary. Essays on a variety of levels and subjects of interest to adults are provided, and every kanji they contain is hyperlinked to its prounciation and definition.

Kanji Game (
Kanji Challenge (

Read the Kanji (
1,460 Quizzes on Commonly Used Japanese Words (
These interactive kanji quizzes are addictive! At Kanji Game, test yourself on the general-use (approximately 1000) characters, as well as on 600 compound words. There are 67 different levels. Kanji Challenge mercilessly gives you 30 seconds each to answer an endless string of questions, set to a wide range of levels from low to Kanji Otaku ("Kanji Nerd"). Read the Kanji quizzes you on compound words in Japanese sentences.

Java Kanji Flashcards 500 (
These online flashcards enable you to review the 500 most commonly occurring characters. Each card includes on/kun readings, English meanings, and common compounds, as well as a nifty animation feature demonstrating the correct stroke order. (For more extensive flashcards, see the free downloads below). Kiki's Kanji Dictionary--containing 3,401 kanji, 19,366 compound words, and a unique jump-around browsing feature--is also located at this site.

Kanji-Wiki (
A place for kanji learners to share their memory devices, inc. visuals, for individual kanji.

The Kanji SITE (

Great help in preparing for levels 2, 3, and 4 of the Japanese Proficiency Examination, held every December in 37 different countries: (1) kanji lists for each level; (2) detailed information for each of those characters; (3) a random kanji testing feature; (4) advice and info on the exam.

Everyday Kanji (
Takes kanji off the printed page and allows you to see how characters are used in everyday life in Japan through photos of electrical appliances, traffic signs, food packaging, train station notices, and much more. An English meaning and explanation is provided for each character.

Kanji Clinic (
Includes: (1) all previous Japan Times "Kanji Clinic" columns, with tons of kanji-learning tips; (2) reviews of kanji textbooks and dictionaries; (3) links to the best kanji-learning sites.

Kanji-learning freeware:

JFC Intelligent Flashcards and JWPce (Japanese word processing software)

Kanji Gold (flashcards)

Kanji Invader (interactive kanji game for Mac use only)

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